So you want to write a novel?


Awesome! Everything you need to get started is right here…

Start your story

Find your unique novel idea

Whether you’re totally new to writing or you’re looking for some inspiration for your next novel, find your story with the help of my Idea Generator


Make it strong

Test the strength of your story

If you have an inkling of a story, but you’re not sure it’s strong enough to spin into a whole novel, measure the strength of your idea with my Idea Tester.


Build your story

Plot basics

Plot doesn’t need to be complicated. To prove it, this simple guide walks you through two of the easiest ways to structure your novel for maximum impact.


Plotter or Pantser..?

Take the quiz

Plot now or plot later? It really depends whether you’re a Plotter or a Pantser. Not sure which camp you fall into? Take my fun ‘Plotter or Pantser’ Quiz!


Stay motivated

Life as a writer

If you struggle to find the time, energy, or incentive to write, you can still make your dream a reality. Just check out my tips and tricks for staying motivated.


Get in character

Free template

Really get to know the characters who are going to power your novel, with my fun Character Profile template!

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