Are you ready to write your first draft?


Writing should be fun! So avoid burnout and reach your finish line (with energy and inspiration to spare)

30 ways to…

Rock NaNoWriMo

Whether you’re taking part in NaNo or you just want tips for writing fast and staying focused, I’ve got you covered with 30 ways to rock a novel in a month.

Author secrets for…

Breaking through the block

Hit a wall? To save you wasting even more precious time, I’ve rounded up the best advice from some of today’s most successful authors.

23 writing prompts to…

Jump start your story

It’s your choice: confront writer’s block head on or detour around it… with 23 prompts to help you get creative and move forward.


What’s your genre?

Take the quiz

Take some time out and have a bit of fun with this lighthearted quiz. Think you know what genre is perfect for you..? Now there’s a way to find out!

101 questions to…

Create characters your readers will love

How well do you know your characters? Are you sure they haven’t been holding back or hiding things? I bet you’ve never asked them these questions… 

Too tired to write?

Beat fatigue

It’s so hard to write when you’re tired! I hear you… That’s why I’m giving you a whole bunch of tricks to help you beat those energy dips and brain fades.

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