Whether you plan on self-publishing or going the traditional route, you want your manuscript to be the best it can possibly be before you send it out into the world. 

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With that in mind… choosing the right editor can be daunting. Let’s be honest: it’s a financial and an emotional investment. I mean, it’s not easy to trust someone else with your art. That’s why you need to find an editor you feel comfortable and confident with.

Am I the right editor for you and your book? I hope so! But this might help you decide. 

I specialize in Middle Grade and Young Adult literature, my first passions are fantasy, sci-fi and dystopian fiction, and I have a heart for championing women writers. My feedback is always honest, constructive and far more detailed than most editors, I’m an unashamed cheerleader, I pour my heart into every manuscript I work on and I treat my clients like friends.

If you want blunt, no-nonsense feedback, I’m just not the editor for you. In fact, if you want a formal, purely business arrangement, don’t read any further. Nothing personal, I just know there’s another editor out there who’ll be a better fit for you. 

Still reading? OK! I think we’re going to get on great.

Here’s a breakdown of what I offer. 

Story Editing

Line Editing

Submission Package Editing

If you’d like a more detailed explanation of the different editing stages, check out my ‘Editing’ Highlights on Instagram.

Story Editing

I offer two story editing packages that look at the overall structure and style of your manuscript: a Novel Appraisal and a Developmental Edit.

  • The Novel Appraisal

This is a thorough overview of your manuscript that offers advice on your:

  • plot structure

  • pacing

  • characterization and character development

  • tone of voice

  • worldbuilding

… plus anything else that could hurt your novel’s chances of success.

The Novel Appraisal includes at least two read-throughs and you get a detailed editorial letter highlighting your strengths and identifying areas that need some work.

For this package, I charge a low, flat fee of US$400* and you’ll receive your appraisal within two weeks of the agreed start date.

If you feel you need a more in-depth assessment, check out my Developmental Edit.

  • The Developmental Edit

This is one step up from the Novel Appraisal: it covers everything the Novel Appraisal does but it includes individual chapter reports.

This is a much closer read, meaning you get 1–3 paragraphs of detailed feedback on each chapter. It covers:

  • storytelling

  • character progression and credibility

  • escalation of conflict and dramatic tension

  • areas of confusion or inconsistencies

  • plot holes

  • pacing issues

  • entertainment value

  • necessity or advancement value to your overall story

On top of this, I also suggest ways to clarify your characterization or character motivations, increase tension through pacing or structural rearrangement, and strengthen any narrative weaknesses.

To cover the extra time involved and allow for this more detailed level of feedback, I charge US$650* for a Developmental Edit and you’ll get your full feedback within three weeks of the agreed start date.

*This price is for manuscripts up to 80,000 words. If your manuscript is longer, let me know and I’ll re-quote.

Line Editing

After the Story Edit, I offer a Line Edit: a more artistic approach to editing that focuses on language rather than story.

It involves putting every word choice, every sentence construction, every grammatical inconsistency under a microscope. I help you elevate your language, clarify your voice and polish your style until it gleams!

I usually only offer a Line Edit after a Story Edit (there’s no point polishing words that might be reworked or even cut at the developmental stage). However, if you feel your manuscript is ready for a Line Edit, please get in touch below for a personal quote.

Submission Package Editing

When you’re ready to start querying agents or publishers, I can help you with your submission.

I offer:

  • a 1-page query letter critique for US$50

  • a 2-page synopsis critique for US$50

Every literary agent has different requirements so you might also need to send an excerpt from your novel. Some agents want your first 500 words and others want your first five chapters.

If you need to submit a sample of your writing, I offer a Line Edit of just your first chapter(s) for US$0.03 per word. This is to help you polish your language, streamline your flow, and make sure there’s no repetition or inconsistencies that could distract from the brilliance of your story. 

If you agree that we’d make an awesome team (or if you have any questions), get in touch via the form below.

So excited to get your message!

– Lara